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My first iOS app: Ten Movies

Most developers make things to ease people's lives, to solve common problems, and to generally make the world a better place. Choosing the problem to solve can be quite the challenge if you really want to make an impact in the world. Fortunately, my goals aren't so lofty. First, I just want to solve a common problem in my world, and maybe in doing so it solves something for you too.

The Problem

It's a weekday, 9pm. Let's watch a movie! Ok, what movie? I google "Popular movies 2013" because I can't remember what was popular last year. I find John Doe's top ten list, and it's a really weird looking list. I go to IMDB, I browse some lists but I get annoyed by their UI. I want to filter by genre, year, voter average. I want to see the main actors and watch trailers instantly. I don't want to click all over the place.

The Solution

Wouldn't it be great if there were an app which would instantly give me a list of 10 movie suggestions based on simple search criteria, and I could see the main actors and the trailer with just a tap? And an app which doesn't try to be social with sharing and likes and acccounts and all that garbage. It shouldn't be that hard to make either provided there is a movie database with a public api.

And so the journey began: File -> New -> Project, project name: Ten Movies

Despite the name, it actually gives you an infinitely scrollabe list of movies, but when I added that functionality it was too late to change the name (plus Ten Movies is catchier than Infinite Movies I think). Go ahead and download the app from the app store and let me know what you think!

A few screenshots to whet the appetite:

screenshot 1 screenshot 1 screenshot 1